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Address:Meiyan Town,Wujiang City, Jiangsu Province
Tel:0512-63686111 63686222 63681276
Postal Code:215225
  Manager Yang(13906250559)
  Engineer Yang(13812737008)
Website: www.wjzhengda.com
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  Wujiang City, Chia Tai Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is the domestic design and manufacture electric heaters, automatic temperature control equipment backbone enterprises, various types of drying equipment, drying equipment, vacuum pressure impregnation, heat treatment furnace and welding auxiliary equipment.Founded in the early eighties, is located in Suzhou City, known as the southern suburbs of paradise reputation, adjacent to Shanghai, Hangzhou. Over the years, the company with the Yangtze River Delta"s geography, economy, talent is developing rapidly. The company covers 19,000 square meters, construction area of 8,000 square meters, has a number of highly qualified engineers and technicians and production workers. Along with a CNC cutting, folding, punching and other advanced equipment.
  Advanced technology and equipment, complete testing means, the company has strong design and development capabilities. Our own development and production of TCS microcomputer temperature control box and control box and a number of WCK series products were awarded provincial and municipal science and technology achievement awards. In 2000 the company passed ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification, and fully implement the execution. Company in the design, development, manufacturing, sales and service coordination aspects of the product remain efficient operation, while according to different design and manufacture of non-standard equipment required to meet specific process requirements, the company has become the dominant characteristic.
  Our main products are: welding preheating, stress relieving heat treatment equipment, ash bucket, bolts, air heaters, welding flux ovens, flux recovery, transportation, classifier, magnetic separation equipment, oven, oven, toaster, vacuum impregnation equipment, industrial vacuum cleaners, welding smoke purifier, industrial furnace, the full range, many specifications. Twenty years has been used extensively for national key projects, such as Qinshan, Daya Bay and Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant, Yangzi ethylene project, Baosteel two Ertan Hydropower Station, the Three Gorges Project, and so on. Some products are also selected for overseas projects, such as Pakistan"s Chashma Nuclear Power Plant, Kazakhstan oil pipeline project, Sudan refineries. Our customers across all walks of life across the country, as many as five thousand. Users of the well-known companies, such as: Nuclear Industry Huaxing, xxii, 23, twenty-four construction company, Jiangsu Power Construction, Tepco two companies, Anhui Electric Power Construction, Qinghai thermal power, oil first, seventh construction company, Sinopec four companies, Bao Ye, Wuye, thirteen MCC, MCC 19, MCC 22, Ershisanye etc. Metallurgical Construction Corporation, Shanghai Xing Construction Development Co., Ltd. in the captain, Guangzhou Shipbuilding Co. Longxue company, STX (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Marine Heavy Industries, Jiangnan Shipyard, Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding Group, the Dalian shipyard, GSI, Jiangsu New Times Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., Fujian Mawei Shipyard, Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery, Inner Mongolia, a Factory Chongqing Changan special vehicle factory, China"s first, second heavy machinery plant, heavy machinery plant in Guangzhou, Shanghai Boiler Works, Hangzhou Boiler Works, Wuxi boiler plant, boiler plant in Tangshan, Shanghai Turbine Works, Dongfang Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd., Harbin Turbine Works Nanjing Turbine Electric Machinery Factory, Shenyang Blower Works, Wuhan Blower Factory, South of the company Chemical Machinery Factory, Anqing Petrochemical Machinery Factory, Shenyang Xinguang Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Co., Yuntianhua Sichuan Lu Tian Hua, Sufa, ShuangLiang air conditioning, Zhejiang Seiko Steel, Zhejiang Golden State pipeline, Ningbo Mayer Steel Pipe, GE Hydro Asia, Tianjin Golden Bridge Welding Materials, Shanghai Lincoln Electric, Daikin (Suzhou) Co., Raybestos Friction Products Limited.
  Many users are numerous, hundreds of thousands of devices for users. For a long time, companies with stable product quality, timely delivery, good service, enjoy a high reputation in the country. Suzhou City consecutive years of "Trustworthy" enterprise. We will always be "honest and trustworthy" for the conduct of, and always with customer focus and dedication to provide customers with more and better products and services.
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